Cardio + Become the Music

Cardio + Become the Music

Get the cardio workout and the acapella tutorials in one.

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Cardio + Become the Music

27 Videos

  • Mr. Bobby Byrd

  • Groovin'

    Low impact.
    Steps Incorporated: Kickback, Nutcracker, Digs,
    This Groovy song allows space for creativity and style but be sure not to rush through the movements. Sit in the pocket.

  • I'll Pack it up

  • Gimme Bass

  • Can I get a Soul Clap

  • Bad Boys

  • A Naked Gun

  • 6 Core Steps

    Challenges: memory, anticipation, balance, control, agility, musicality, teamwork, rhythm, power, strength, endurance and accountability.
    Improves: over all body strength, coordination, blood flow, circulation and teamwork.

  • Funky Story

  • Get on the Good Foot - (Beginner)

  • Nutcracker - (Beginner)

    Be careful! It's really easy to speed this step up. Go slow at first and when ur ready speed up make sure not to get lost. Also this step tends to travel forward so make sure you have space. Back up and try it again.

  • Kickback - (Beginner)

    Go slow and be accurate. Don't slap the bottom of your shoes/boots. That's nasty! lol Try hitting the padded side of your shoes/boots to give a nice thump sound.
    This one also tends to speed up so sit in the pocket.

  • Butterfly Clap - (Beginner)

    This step is great to use a filler between steps. Try creating your own rhythm patterns and throw in a butterfly clap as one of the bars of music while you create.
    For example:
    Simple Pattern 1
    repeat Simple Pattern 1
    Butterfly clap
    repeat Simple Pattern 1

  • Low Hi- Big Dipper Little Dipper - (Beginner)

    Feel free to pause the video and try it slow before moving on. The tendency is to squat beyond the safe zone on the "Little Dipper" part so be careful with your knees and stay at a moderate level.

  • Chugs - (Beginner)

    Notice the blades go the opposite direction of your body. So if you take 2 steps to the right, the blades will go to the left and vice versa. Try looking in the direction of your blades for that extra performance flavor.

  • 8421 - (Beginner)

    Memory challenge! Count down from 8-4-2-1
    Then try mixing the number groupings to create many
    variations. Play with it

  • Call & Response - (Beginner)

  • Snap Groove - (Intermediate)

    Focus, Concentration and Listening to others.

  • Pitty Pat- (Intermediate)

    Challenge your friends!!! (Battle mode)
    Polyrhythm performance at 9:07 but first learn the proper technique to execute like the pros.

  • Vocal Percussion (Intermediate)

    Various sounds with the mouth including singing, beatboxing, clicking, popping etc...
    Find YOUR sound and explore the possibilities

  • Funky Jumping Jacks- (Intermediate)

    Modify the jumping if you have knee problems or feel any pain or discomfort.
    Don't lose the arms (blades) when your crossing your feet. This will enhance your body awareness and cross body coordination.

  • Polyrhythm - (Intermediate)

    Challenge your friends!!! (Battle Mode)
    Try both sides of the polyrhythm alone or find another SOULdier and create a polyrhythm.

  • ABAC with a Fill - (Intermediate)

    Don't worry about the fill at the end unless you have the patience to figure it out without the breakdown.
    The breakdown will come when ur ready ;)

  • Triplets (Advanced)

    Steps incorporated: Triplets leading with the clap first.

  • Janet - (Advanced)

  • Scoots - (Advanced)

    Take the challenge! Dance and make music at the same time. Show me your style.

  • Calvin Johnson - (Advanced)