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Watch Snap Groove - (Intermediate)

Watch Snap Groove - (Intermediate)

Snap Groove - (Intermediate)

Three-in-One • 10m

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  • Got you all in Check - (Intermediate)

    You can start on your right or your left. Doesn't matter.
    The music matters. Make it clean. Notice when you should change your weight and when to hold your balance. Breath or count on numbers 7 & 8 so that you don't rush.

  • Chugs - (Beginner)

    Notice the blades go the opposite direction of your body. So if you take 2 steps to the right, the blades will go to the left and vice versa. Try looking in the direction of your blades for that extra performance flavor.

  • 8421 - (Beginner)

    Memory challenge! Count down from 8-4-2-1
    Then try mixing the number groupings to create many
    variations. Play with it